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  New Initiatives : Emerging Technologies
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The Scenario in India and the Role of BMTPC

 From Lab to Land

Our research institutions have developed a large number of alternate materials and constructions systems, based on utilisation of agro-industrial wastes which otherwise cause severe environmental problems.



To improve the awareness about these innovative building materials, and to facilitate their transfer from lab to land, the Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC) has been set up by the Government of India as an inter-ministerial apex organisation, under the aegis of the Ministry of Urban Affairs and Employment. The Council co-ordinates with various institutions involved in R&D, finance, industrial promotion and housing to promote innovative technologies, scale up proven technologies, materials and products and facilitate establishment of manufacturing/production units.


BMTPC's working strategy:


Ø  Promotion of sound design practices based on local materials and cost effective, innovative technologies.

Ø  Promotion of building materials, components, products and systems based on indigenous raw materials, agro-industrial wastes and cost and energy efficient processes.

Ø  Quality improvement and cost reduction through standardisation and adoption of modern information and management systems.

Ø  Technical, financial, and fiscal policy support to enhance production and marketability.



Pick your construction technologies as per your region





Tiles From Granite Slurry




Environment-Friendly, Energy Efficient, Cost-Effective Composite Materials/Products for Low Cost Housing




Flyash: A problem of Pollution and Disposal




Equipment for the manufacture of Flyash Bricks




Phosphogypsum as a Land and Water Pollutant



Technology for Manufacturing Gypsum Plaster Board




Red Mud-Materials from a dangerous contaminant




Recycling of Plastic Waste for Building Products




Agro Waste Recycling into Building Materials





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