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Model : AS -1824  




For production of concrete bricks/solid or hollow blocks, flyash concrete bricks/solid or hollow blocks and paving blocks/tiles of different shapes.


Production Capacity:
(per day in 8 hr shift)
Energy Source:

7000 bricks or 2000 solid/hollow blocks or 5000 paving blocks/tiles
Electrical, 3 phase ,440 volts

Size of machine :
Weight of Machine :
Size of Brick/Block/Paver :

No. of Brick/Block/Paver per cycle :

Manpower :
Energy Transmission :
Power requirement :
Compressive strength

7000x3000x3000 mm
5500 kgs
Brick : 230x115x75 mm
Solid block : 300x200x150 mm
Hollow block : 400x200x150 mm
Paver : Any standard size & shape
Bricks : 10 nos.
Solid/hollow blocks : 4 nos
Paving blocks : 8 nos.
Skilled – 1, Unskilled – 5
20 tons of vibro-hydraulic pressure
12 HP
80 - 150 kg/cm

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