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Basic obligations of Performance Appraisal Certificate Holders (PACH)


1.    The responsibility for ensuring conformance of the product to the PAC is with PACH.

2.    PACH shall implement all the conditions under which the PAC was granted.

3.    PACH shall maintain and assure quality as per the requirements stated in the Certificate and relevant standards.

4.    PACH shall maintain records as per conditions of Grant and those required for collecting technical data on his  product for review of performance.

5.    PACH shall inform BMBA listing points of deviation if at any time he does not adhere to the requirements of the certificate and stop claiming to his customers that he holds PAC.  In that event, he should not resume claim unless cleared by BMBA.

6.    PACH shall make a request to BMBA if he wants PAC to be amended. Use standard form, obtainable from AU of BMBA.

7.    PACH shall maintain list of suppliers/licensees of his product and provide a list to BMBA and update it as required. 

8.    PACH shall preserve the original certificate carefully.

9.    If PACH stops operating PAC, he shall return the original certificate and the left over printed copies to BMBA.

10. PACH shall pay all certificate dues to BMBA regularly.

11. PACH is obliged to show the original PAC to the user on demand and inform the user of the current status of the PAC.

12. PACH shall attend to genuine customer complaints promptly and to their satisfaction. He shall provide redressal even before user/ customer approaches BMBA. 

13. BMTPC and the Board of Agreement of BMTPC (BMBA) take no position relating to the holder of the Performance Appraisal Certificate (PACH) and the users of the Performance Appraisal Certificate (PAC) respecting the patent rights / copy rights asserted relating to the product / system / design / method of installation etc covered by this PAC. Considerations relating to patent / copy rights are beyond the scope of the Performance Appraisal Certification Scheme (PACS) under which this PAC has been issued.. PACH and users of this PAC are expressly advised that determination of the claim / validity of any such patent rights / copy rights and the risk of infringement of such rights are entirely the responsibility of PACH on the one hand and that of the users on the other.





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