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Citizen’s Charter of

Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council




This Charter is a commitment of the Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC) to fulfill the following Vision and Mission:




“BMTPC to be world class knowledge and demonstration hub for providing solutions to all with special focus on common man in the area of sustainable building materials, appropriate construction technologies & systems including disaster resistant construction.”




“To work towards a comprehensive and integrated approach for promotion and transfer of potential, cost-effective, environment-friendly, disaster resistant building materials and technologies including locally available materials from lab to land for sustainable development of housing.”



  • Building Materials & Construction Technologies : To promote development, standardisation, mechanisation and large scale field application of proven innovative and emerging building materials and technologies in the construction sector.
  • Capacity Building and Skill Development: To work as a Training Resource Centre for capacity building and promotion of good construction practices to professionals, construction agencies, artisans and marketing of building technologies from lab to land.
  • Disaster Mitigation & Management : To promote methodologies and technologies for natural disaster mitigation, vulnerability & risk reduction and retrofitting/ reconstruction of buildings and disaster resistant planning for human settlements.
  • Project Management & Consultancy: To undertake project management and consultancy services including appraisal, monitoring and third party inspection of housing projects under the various Central/State Schemes.


Services of BMTPC


The Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council offers its services under following thrust areas:

  • Identification, evaluation of proven and emerging technologies available globally and encouraging joint venture in building materials and construction sector.
  • Promoting economy, efficiency and quality in construction.
  • Up scaling of technologies, know-how acquisition, absorption and dissemination.
  • Field level application of environment-friendly, energy-efficient and disaster resistant technologies for proven, locally available and emerging technologies.
  • Formulation of Standards on proven building materials/technologies including emerging technologies/systems and incorporation in the schedule of specifications/rates.
  • Documentation of benefits, durability and acceptability of cost effective and innovative building materials and technologies.
  • Skill upgradation of professionals and construction workers through capacity building programmes, training programmes, seminars, conferences, workshops, exhibitions nationally as well as internationally.
  • Promoting disaster resistant construction technologies.
  • Appraisal, monitoring and third party inspection of housing projects including undertaking project management and consultancy services.

Access to Information

The Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council disseminates information  through:

  • publications, brochures and display panels.
  • Audio –video CD-ROMS
  • participation in exhibitions, workshops, conferences and seminars
  • organising various training programmes, entrepreneurship development programmes, seminars, workshops and exhibitions
  • advertisement in newspapers
  • website

Grievance Redressal

  • The following officer has been designated as Grievance Officer for the Council

Shri S.K.Gupta, Dy.Chief – TDE&IC, Tel: 24652416, Fax: 24642849.

Citizen’s Obligations

  • to extend all assistance and cooperation to the Council’s staff in carrying out their bonafide duties.
  • to bring to the notice of senior officers of the Council genuine grievances not attended to at the lower levels.
  • To feel free to write to the Council for any constructive suggestion for further improving this charter to:

Addresses for Communication

The Executive Director

Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council
Core 5A, 1st Floor, India Habitat Centre

Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110 003

Phone: 91-11-2463 6705; Fax: 91-11-2464 2849

E-mail: bmtpc@del2.vsnl.net.in;   Website: www.bmtpc.org




BMTPC Business Promotion Cell

Karnataka Slum Clearance Board Premises,
Opposite Krishna Flour Mill,
No. 55, Risaladar Street, Seshadripuram,
Bangalore - 560 020

Phone: (080) 2334 5300; Telefax: (080) 2344 8406

E Mail: bmtpcbangalore@vsnl.net

Creating Enabling Environment for Affordable Housing for All…… since 1990
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