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System Components
Initial Cost Structure
Local Economy Component = 23%
23 mm thick load bearing wall in rat trap bond brick masonry using cement mortar (1:6) and class I bricks 
Design Example : Wall For A Two Storeyed Building With Rcc Roof
Load on the Wall         = 40KN
Length of the Wall       =3m
One end continuous and the other end discontinuous
Effective length            = 0.9 x 3 = 2.7m
(Table 5 : Section VI : 4 NBC)
Thickness of the wall    = 0.23m
Effective thickness       = 0.15m
(Table 6 : Section VI : 4 NBC)
Height of wall              = 3m
Effective height of wall = 0.75 x 3 = 2.25
(since roof is RCC)
Area of cross section   = 3 x 0.15 = 0.45 sqm
Slenderness ratio         = Min (2.25/.15,2/7/.15) = 15
Stress reduction factor  = .78 (Table 8: Section VI : 4 NBC)
Compressive stress    = 44/.9 = 0.1 N/sqmm.
Permissible compressive stress   = 0.273 N/sqmm
Hence Safe at 23 cm thickness
Critical Factors
1.  Curing
2.  Quality of Bricks
3.  Not used for buildings having more than two floors
4.  Quality of sand
5.  Availability of skilled mason
Tools Used
1.     Trowels            5. Shovel
2.     Plumb bob       6. Baskets
3.     Thread                         
4.     Pans  
1.  Curing should be done for seven days
2.  Cavity should be broken after six layers
3.  Brick should be completely soaked in  
     water before using for masonry
4.  Mortar should be used within 30 minutes  
     of adding water to the mix
5.  Brick bats should be used at corners and   
     T - Junctions
1.    Find sand should not be used for
 2.  Mortar should not be left in cavities
Construction Process

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