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System Components
Initial Cost Structure
Critical Factors
1. Depth of pile and number of reamers
2. Quality of soil
3. Water table level
4. Clear cover of concrete to reinforcement
Tools Used
1.   Crow Bar                         4. Reamer
2.   Spade                             5. Tape
3.   Basket
1. Pile should be cast immediately after boring  to avoid collapse of bore wall

2. Depth of pile should be checked properly

3. Concrete should be properly compacted
1. Fine sand should not be used for concreting

2. Concrete should not be used for a designload
      more than 80 tones
Construction Process
Set out the location for bores
Mark the area for pile foundations
Dig the bore to 30cm deep using crow bar
 Wet the bore and dig with reamer
Apply force over the reamer for digging bore
Remove the mud from reamer at regular intervals
Dig the bore to the required depth
  Check the depth of the   bore
Tie the reinforcement
Place the reinforcement in the bore
Fill the bore with cement concrete

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