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Over the recent past, the Council has built in-house capacity to undertake project management and consultancy services encompassing appraisal, monitoring, quality assurance and third party inspection of housing projects under the various Central/State Schemes. The Council is one of the Appraisal and Monitoring agencies for BSUP and IHSDP projects under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM).


The appraisal of DPR normally includes technical feasibility of the project, administrative and technical checklists, technical vetting of the design and estimates, relevant codal provisions, structural stability including hazard resistance and other related issues. The monitoring is normally done by desk review of the project and physical inspection of the site. The components covered are physical & financial progress of the projects, quality of construction, checking of quality control and assurance plan, etc.


The Council has appraised so far 154 BSUP projects and 64 IHDSP projects and undertaken monitoring of 166 BSUP and 139 IHSDP projects. The Third Party Inspection & Monitoring (TPIM) Review of more than 270 projects has also been undertaken by the Council. The Council is also organizing Capacity Building Programmes for ULBs in the area of project preparation, appraisal, quality assurance, MIS, project management, etc.


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