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  New Initiatives : Emerging Technologies
New… E-Learning Modules on the Technologies of LHPs for TECHNOGRAHIs Passive-design Response in Increasing Thermal comfort with Viable solutions (PRiTHVi) – Climate Smart Buildings New...Thermal Properties of Building Materials and Construction Technologies



Auroville Building Centre, Auroville

CSR-Auroshilpam, Auroville 605 101 (Pon) Ph 0413-622168, 622277, 622784, Fax 622057 E-mail csr@auroville.org.in

  1. Ferrocement concrete products

Ballarpur Industries, New Delhi


  1. Cellular concrete components (with or without fly ash)

Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council, New Delhi

Core 5 A, First Floor, India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, New Delhi 110 003 (Del) Ph 011-24638096 Fax 011-24642849 E-mail info@bmtpc.org

  1. Cellular concrete components
  2. Precast concrete C-section beam (rafters) making machines
  3. Precast concrete door & window frames
  4. Precast concrete door/window frame making machines

Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee

Roorkee 247 667 (UA) Ph 01332-72243 Fax 72272, 72543

E-mail vkm@cscbri.ren.nic.in

  1. Bored compaction concrete piles & skirted granular piles
  2. Cellular concrete components (blocks and slabs)
  3. Cement fibre roofing sheet
  4. Concrete block making machine
  5. Ferrocement concrete door shutters & other products
  6. Fly ash-lime block making machine
  7. General purpose & heavy duty floors from magnesium oxychloride concrete
  8. Impermeable cut off walls (Technology)
  9. Improved method of construction pile
  10. Lime fly ash cellular concrete
  11. Partially pre-calcined dolomite based magnesium oxychloride concrete
  12. Power trowel
  13. Precast building blocks
  14. Precast concrete building (Roofing & flooring components, cored unit, channel, L-pan, etc.)
  15. Precast concrete masonry blocks
  16. Precast RC plank (roofing unit)
  17. Production of reactive silica
  18. Sintered fly ash light weight aggregate
  19. Stationary concrete block maker
  20. Super plasticizers for concrete
  21. Tamping machine (for concrete)
  22. Unit frame scaffolding

Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute, Kolkata

196, Raja SC Mullick Road, Kolkata 700 032 (WB) Ph 033-4735829 Fax 4730957 E-mail root@cscgcri.ren.nic.in

1.                    High alumina cement

Central Soils & Materials Research Station, New Delhi

Central Soils & Materials Research Station, Near Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi 110 016 (Del) Ph 011-6961894, 6967985 Fax 6853108 E-mail csmrs@hub.nic.in

1.    Fly ash concrete for various structures

Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai

Building Technology & Construction Management Division, Dept of Civil Engineering, Adyar, Chennai 600 036 (TN) Ph 044-2578309 Fax 044-2350509

  1. Concrete blocks (standardized)
  2. Steel fibre reinforced concrete

Indian Instituteof Technology, Roorkee

Dept of Civil Engineering, Roorkee 247 667 (UA) Ph 01332-72742 Fax 73560 E-mail regis@rurkiu.ernet.in

  1. Ferrocement concrete products
  2. Steel fibre concrete

National Council for Cement and Building Materials, New Delhi

A 135, Defence Colony, New Delhi 110 024 (Del) Ph 011-4631151 Fax 4631153 E-mail ncbmap@bol.net.in, ncbpec@bol.net.in

  1. Concrete aggregate (Evaluation procedure for slow-reacting aggregates)
  2. Concrete aggregates (prevention methods from alkali aggregate reaction)
  3. Concrete for aggressive environment
  4. Concrete mix design (based on accelerated testing)
  5. Concrete testing (accelerated strength testing method for cement content in fresh concrete, sampling of fresh concrete, combined methods for NDT of concrete)
  6. Fly ash concrete for various structures
  7. Pre-cast prestressed concrete poles
  8. (economical design)
  9. Steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) including fibre forming machine & disperse

Regional Research Laboratory, Bhopal

Hoshangabad Road, Near Habibganj Naka, Bhopal ,462 026 Ph 0755-587244, 587609 Fax 587042 E-mail root@rrlbpl.mp.nic.in

  1. Cement fibre roofing sheet

Siporex India Ltd, Pune

72/76, Industrial Estate, Mundhwa, Pune 411 036 (Mh) Ph 0212-6870755/56/57 Fax 6870319 E-mail siporex@vsnl.net.in

  1. Cellular concrete building components

Structural Engineering Research Centre, Chennai

CSIR Campus TTTI, Post Bag No. 8287, Taramani Post, Chennai 600 113 (TN) Ph 044-2542786, 2541735 Fax 2541508 E-mail sercnet@sercm.csir.res.in

  1. Concrete funicular shells for roof/ floor
  2. Concrete plate elements for roof/floor
  3. Evaluation of cement and cement concrete, concrete admixtures
  4. Evaluation of concrete mix design including design of concrete mixtures for special requirements
  5. Ferrocement water tanks, rafters, purlins, and other products
  6. High tensile deformed bar for concrete
  7. In-situ assessment of distress in concrete structures and recommendations on rehabilitation/ retrofitting techniques
  8. large panel prefabrication system for reinforced concrete framed structures
  9. Polymer concrete formulations
  10. Precast battons for floor/roof
  11. Precast partially prestressed concrete poles using portable stressing beds
  12. Precast prestressed concrete slab units with hollow blocks and concrete for roof/floor
  13. Precast pre-tensioned concrete hyperboloid sheets up to 14m span
  14. Precast products - non-pressure pipes, electricity poles and paver blocks
  15. Precast reinforced & prestressed concrete channel units for roof/floor
  16. Prestressed concrete monoblock sleepers
  17. Prestressed concrete paving blocks for heavy duty floors
  18. Reinforced concrete gable frames using movable form work
  19. Steel fibre reinforced concrete
  20. Testing of properties of different types of cement

System Building Technologists, New Delhi

C-102, Kaveri, Alaknanda, New Delhi 110 019 (Del) Ph 6210418, 6441934 Fax 6461260

  1. Fly ash cellular light weight concrete (CLC)



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