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Brick Arch Openings in Cement Mortar (1:4)
DESIGN EXAMPLE : Semi-circular brick arch opening
Critical Factors
1.  Curing
2.  Quality of Bricks
3.  Providing arch - shaped door/window frames
4.  Quality of sand  for mortar
5.  Availability of skilled masons
Tools Used
1.     Trowels                        5. Shovel
2.     Plumb bob                   6. Baskets
3.     Thread                         
4.      Pans                  
1.  Curing shall be done for seven days
2.  The mix should be of ratio 1:4
3.  Mortar joints should V - shaped with
     minimum thickness at bottom
4.  Mortar should be used within 30 minutes      
     of adding water to the mix
5.  Masonry should be always laid from both
     sides upwards
1. Find sand should not be used for masonry
2. Arch should not be disturbed while
    removing the mould

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