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Global Housing Technology Challenge - India

  Global Housing Technology Challenge - India

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  New Initiatives : Emerging Technologies
Comments Invited on E-course on ‘Vulnerability Atlas of India’ NEW...Extension of Bids Submission Dates from 20.8.2019 to 28.8.2019, Corrigendum dated 6th August, 2019 and RFP for EPC mode for development and construction of EWS houses under LHPs at six States under GHTC-India Indian Structural Steel Conference, March 25-27, 2020 by IIT Hyderabad


Publication of user manuals, guidelines, compendiums, directories, brochures, techno-feasibility reports, video films, demonstration CDs, interactive website, blogs including documentation of success stories.



·      Identification, evaluation of proven and emerging technologies available globally and  encouraging joint venture in building materials and construction sector.


·         Promoting economy, efficiency and quality in construction.


·         Up scaling of technologies, know-how acquisition, absorption and dissemination.


·       Field level application of environment-friendly, energy-efficient and disaster resistant technologies for proven, locally available and emerging technologies.


·        Formulation of Standards on proven building materials/technologies including emerging technologies/systems and incorporation in the schedule of specifications/rates.


·       Documentation of benefits, durability and acceptability of cost effective and innovative building materials and technologies.


·        Skill upgradation of professionals and construction workers through capacity building programmes, training programmes, seminars, conferences, workshops, exhibitions nationally as well as internationally.


·         Promoting disaster resistant construction technologies.


·        Appraisal, monitoring and third party inspection of housing projects including undertaking project management and consultancy services.



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