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It is indeed an honour & privilege for me to assume the charge of Executive Director, BMTPC. 

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The Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC) was set up in 1990 by the then Ministry of Urban Development (now Ministry of Urban Employment & Poverty Alleviation), Government of India, as an apex level inter-ministerial institution for promotion, development and large scale dissemination of appropriate, cost-effective, eco-friendly and energy-efficient building materials and technologies.


To work towards a comprehensive and integrated approach for promotion and transfer of potential, cost-effective, environment-friendly, disaster resistant building materials and technologies including locally available materials from lab to land for sustainable development of housing.


BMTPC to be world class knowledge and demonstration hub for providing solutions to all with special focus on common man in the area of sustainable building materials, appropriate construction technologies & systems including disaster resistant construction.


·          To promote development, production, standardisation and large-scale application of cost-effective innovative building materials and construction technologies in housing and building sector. 


·          To promote new waste-based building materials and components through technical support and encouraging entrepreneurs to set up production units in urban and rural regions.


·          To develop and promote methodologies and technologies for natural disaster mitigation & management and retrofitting/ reconstruction of buildings including disaster resistant design and planning practices in human settlements.


·          To provide S & T services to professionals, construction agencies and entrepreneurs in selection, evaluation, upscaling, design engineering, skill-upgradation,  and marketing for technology transfer, from lab to land, in the area of building materials and construction.


·          Improving the policy environment for sustained growth of cost-effective building materials, production and availability.


·          Promotion of production units of building materials/components based on industrial waste such as Flyash, Redmud, Phosphogypsum; agricultural residues such as rice husk, jute, coir etc. other wastes and by-products.

·          Modernisation of small scale and village level building materials production units in rural and urban areas.


·          Construction of Demonstration Structures to showcase appropriate technology & wider dissemination.


·          Formulation of standards for innovative building materials and construction technologies.


·          Strengthening industrial extension services for attracting more investment in building materials sector by working with national and international agencies.


·          Upscaling of technologies, know-how acquisition, absorption and dissemination.


·          Assessing vulnerability and risk in natural disaster, prone areas.


·          Promoting natural hazard resistant construction technologies.


·          Global technology search and encouraging joint ventures in building materials and construction sector.


Major Services Offered

The Council through its extensive networking with various R&D Institutions, Ministries/Government Departments, Universities, Financial Institutions, Public Agencies, Business Federations/Organizations and various International organizations such as UNIDO, UNCHS, ADB, World Bank etc., strives to provide multifaceted S & T services to the various stakeholders in the construction & building sector.

·          Support for identification and development of technologies and building materials based on agricultural and industrial wastes and promotion of proven technologies for rural and urban housing construction.


·          Advise entrepreneurs in technology selection, prototype development, commercial production & marketing and extend appropriate support for training and development/upgradation of process/technologies and procuring equipment, etc.


·          Assist in arranging technology transfer from other countries, & selection and evaluation of foreign technologies.


·          Undertake Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies and formulation of detailed Project Reports on innovative energy-efficient building materials/products and construction systems.


·          Assist in capacity building and skill development through training of village artisans, craftsmen and help in production of simple building components using local materials, skills and manpower and to coordinate with national, state and local level institutions of periodic training and orientation courses for professionals like engineers, architects, town planners, contractors and construction managers for creating confidence in use of new materials and technologies.

·          Evaluation, validation, certification and standardization of innovative building materials and construction technologies through Performance Appraisal Certification Scheme.


·          As a clearing house of technology transfer from lab to land, through production and application and as repository of information on all types of building materials including conventional and newly developed, under development in India and abroad.


·          Persuade Central and State Government agencies, housing development and construction agencies and organizations in private and community sectors for application of proven cost effective and energy-efficient building materials and construction technologies.


·          Rendering design services on adoption and application of innovative building materials and construction technologies in the housing projects and slum development programmes of Government, Public and Private agencies/bodies.


·          Undertake Rapid Damage Assessment Studies of the disaster affected areas and to develop and promote disaster resistant construction technologies.


·          Advise on vulnerability and risk assessment and on formulation of relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation programmes for disaster mitigation and assist in capacity building for disaster preparedness.


·          Appraisal & Monitoring agency to Government of India under Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission Programme.


Creating Enabling Environment for Affordable Housing for All…… since 1990
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