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Global Housing Technology Challenge - India

  Global Housing Technology Challenge - India

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E-Course on Vulnerability Atlas of India Special Issue of Nirman Sarika on the occasion of World Habitat Day 2019

System Components
Initial Cost Structure
Critical Factors
1. Proportion of mud, cement and lime
2. Mixing of mud
3. Finishing
Tools Used
1.   Spade
2.   Pan
3.   Thread
4.   Basket
1. Mud wall should be plain and free from
    cracks before applying the mortar
2. Stabilised mud should be applied
    within 30 minutes of adding water
3. 1.5% of cement and 2.5% of lime
    should be added to mud
1. Plaster should not be applied over wet
2. A second finish should not be applied
    immediately after the first
3. Water content should not be more
    than 25%
Construction Process
Mix mud with water and knead it thoroughly
Add measured quantities of cement to mud
Add measured quantity of lime to the mud mix
Mix the mud thoroughly and knead
Sprinkle water and apply prepared mud plaster
Apply mud plaster upto 150cm height from the ground
Allow the plaster to dry for 2 days and apply mud and cowdung mix as plaster

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