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  New Initiatives : Emerging Technologies
NOTE: Indo-Norwegian Training Programme (Non-Residential) on Seismic Design of Multi-storey Buildings: IS 1893 vs. Eurocode 8, October 12-14, 2017 at New Delhi CPWD Inclusion of Emerging Technologies in Delhi Schedule of Rates dated 24 June 2016 Ministry of Urban Development OM regarding Adoption of New & Emerging Technologies by CPWD, DDA and NBCC CPWD OM dated 17/08/2016 regarding Adoption of New and Emerging Technologies in projects on Turnkey basis CPWD OM dated 28/12/2016 regarding Mandatorily Adoption of New and Emerging Technologies in projects Opportunity to Share Your Sustainable Building Materials/Technologies on Knowledge Portal

  Brick Foundation in Cement Mortar 1:8
System Components
Initial Cost Structure
DESIGN EXAMPLE : Foundation for a TWO storey Building
Maximum width required = 2 x width of the wall +0. 3m
(Assuming 23cm thick brick wall) = 2 x 0.23 + 0.3 m.
                                                = 0.76m.
Minimum Depth Required = 
Assuming P
Safe permissible pressure on base) = 175 KN/sqm
W (weight of soil)                           = 18 KN/sqm
Angle of repose of the soil = 30 = 175/18x0.111 = 1 m.
Assuming bearing capacity of soil  = 200 Km/sqm
Width required                             = 175/200 = 0.85m
Thus provide a foundation width  = 85cm and depth 100 cm
Critical Factors
1. Curing
2. Width and stepping of foundation
3. Breaking of vertical joints
4. Quality of sand for mortar
5. Availability and cost of bricks
Tools Used
1. Trowels
2. Plumb bob 
3. Thread
4. Pans
5. Shovel
6. Pick axes
7. Baskets
·      Curing of masonry should be done on seven days
·      Vertical masonry joints should be properly broken
·      Masonry should be stepped after one day’s construction
·      Mortar should be used within 30 minutes of adding water to the mix.
·      Fine sand should not be used in mortar
·      Height of masonry construction should not be more than 1m per day
·      Masonry should not be allowed to dry out quickly
References : IS : 1080 – 1980 Simple Strip Foundation; IS : 1904 – 1973 Shallow Foundations; IS : 1077 : 1986 Bricks; IS : 2212 : 1962 Brick Work; National Building Code of India : 1983 Part VI : Sector 2; IS 2250 : 1981 Mortars .

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