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Global Housing Technology Challenge - India

  Global Housing Technology Challenge - India

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Model : CC- 1 


For production of concrete door/window frames as a substitute to timber.


Production Capacity:
(per day in 8 hr shift)
Energy Source:

4 Door or 5 window frames

Electrical, 3 phase, 440 volts

Size of machine :
Weight of Machine :
Size of Door/Window frame :

Cross-section size :
Type :
Manpower :
Compaction by :
Compressive strength :
Power requirements :


500 kgs
Door : 2100x1035mm or
Window : 1130x1035 mm or any other pre-determined size.
Skilled – 1, Unskilled – 3
High amplitude vibrations
250 kg/cm
2 HP

Others :
oth Single Rebate and double rebate frames can be manufactured.
roduction capacity can be increased by replacing the moulds
an be designed/fabricated for different sizes of final products.
In built provision for hinges, locks, tower bolts etc

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