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Global Housing Technology Challenge - India

  Global Housing Technology Challenge - India

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  New Initiatives : Emerging Technologies
Comments Invited on E-course on ‘Vulnerability Atlas of India’ NEW... Extension of Bids Submission Date from 28.08.2019 to 02.09.2019 - RFP for EPC mode for construction of EWS houses under LHPs at six States under GHTC-India and Corrigendum thereon Indian Structural Steel Conference, March 25-27, 2020 by IIT Hyderabad



Model : AS - 1





For production of building components for a complete house using local materials


Production Capacity:


Building components for single storey house of 220 sq. ft can be constructed within 6 days (excluding curing time)

Size of Building Components :
Hollow blocks :
Solid blocks :
Corner blocks :
Arch bricks :
Rafter for roof :
Roofing slab :
Flooring tile :
Roofing tile :
Staircase threads :
Staircase  riser :
Concrete window :
Concrete door frame :
Water tank :
Manpower :
 Energy Transmission :

400x200x150 mm
400x200x150 mm
L-shape, (600+400)x225x150 mm
175-200x200x300 mm
75x150x2100-4200 mm
600x600x45 mm thickness
200x200x45 mm thickness
200x200x25 mm thickness
230x800x45 mm thickness
200x800x50 mm thickness
300x375 mm
900x2000 mm
300 liters capacity
Skilled - 1, Unskilled - 5
Manually operated needle vibrator


Others :
Bricks produced are of accurate dimensions and have excellent surface finish

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