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  New Initiatives : Emerging Technologies
E-Course on Vulnerability Atlas of India Launch of NAVARITIH : Certificate Course on Innovative Construction Technologies by Hon'ble Prime Minister LIVE LABS - Enrol as TECHNOGRAHIS NEW... Preventive Measures to be taken for containment of COVID 19 NEW... Letter from NDMA to various Ministries to incorporate Vulnerability Atlas Clause in future tender documents New...Release of Compendium of Indigenous Innovative Building Materials and Construction Technologies


PACS benefits the society, user, designer, construction agencies, manufacturers/ suppliers / installers.


Ø  Promotes use of newly developed materials which may result in

Ø  cost reduction

Ø  speeding up construction

Ø  improved quality

Ø  environmental protection

Ø  Encourages R&D effort and promotes transfer of technology from lab to field

Ø  Generates pre standardisation data


Ø  Provides  third party assessment of claims  made by manufacturers/ suppliers.

Ø  Provides  third party assessment of claims  made by manufacturers/ suppliers.

Ø  Provides confidence to user and reduces risk with responsibility of using the product
as per provisions of the certificate resting with the users.

Ø  Provides independent third party mechanism for redressal of genuine complaints

Gets means to informed choice 


Ø  Provides necessary data

Ø  Provides confidence in the product

Ø  Provides information on limitations, wherever applicable

Ø  Construction agencies

Ø  Provides confidence in the product

Ø  Provides scope for use of alternative products.

Ø  Provides installation instruction, where necessary.

Ø  Identifies training needed for use of the product.


Manufacturers / Suppliers/ Installers

Ø  Provides third party assessment of the product with the involvement of several experts.

Ø  Provides a marketing tool

Ø  The process of assessment provides technical assistance from experts

Ø  Helps globalisation of trade both Indian & other countries.



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