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Global Housing Technology Challenge - India

  Global Housing Technology Challenge - India

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  New Initiatives : Emerging Technologies
Comments Invited on E-course on ‘Vulnerability Atlas of India’ NEW... Extension of Bids Submission Date from 28.08.2019 to 02.09.2019 - RFP for EPC mode for construction of EWS houses under LHPs at six States under GHTC-India and Corrigendum thereon Indian Structural Steel Conference, March 25-27, 2020 by IIT Hyderabad

System Components
Initial Cost Structure
Critical Factors
1. Curing
2. Quality of sand for concrete
3. Provision of holes at the right place for
    fixing door shutters
4. Holes for fixing the door shutter
Tools Used
1.   Trowel
2.   Wooden float
3.   Straight float
1. Frames should be cured for 14 days
2. Mortar should be used within 30
    minutes of adding water to mix
3. Frames should be stacked properly
1. Cavities should not be left in the frame
    during casting
2. Fine sand should not be used
3. Excess water should not be added to
    the concrete
                                                   Construction Process           
Take measured quantities of cement, sand and aggregates and mix the concrete
Clean and assemble the mould
Place reinforcement in the mould and fill concrete
Insert a PVC pipe at the center of the post to fix door latch
Compact the concrete with trowel to get uniform thickness to the frame
Remove the mould
Finish the edges with straight edge
Finish the edges with wooden float

Clean the concrete from the PVC pipe provided for the door latch
Make hole on the post to fix door hinges
Cure the frames for 14 days
 Stack the frames


Erect RCC door frames in the house
A house with a RCC door frame
A house with RCC door frame with wooden shutters

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